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The Classroom in a Box

The RiVR Link “Classroom in a Box” solution offers instructors an interactive and engaging teaching tool for classroom education using 360° video and images.

Multi User

Up to 64 synced headsets and tablets synced simultaneously

VR Chalk

The ability to draw in real time within the students' headsets

Your Content

Use your own 360° video/photo content or use our professional video services

Turn Key Solution

Everything that you need to run your classroom is included


Full Immersion

The students have total freedom to look in any direction within the headset, allowing them to truly experience the full immersive effects of virtual reality training.

Full immersion combined with instructor led training allows for blended learning with lasting results.

- Human resource training -

Engaged Learning

The instructor can monitor and interact with the session from the 2D tablet and is able to give central feedback by pausing the 360° video and focusing all students’ attention to key learning points.

Using a virtual marker (VR Chalk), the instructor can draw directly onto the video, visible to everyone, and, using wireless communications, can speak directly into the students’ headsets.


Tutor can talk directly into student headsets

VR Chalk

Draw directly onto the videos in the headsets

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Turn Key Solution

RiVR Link is designed to support classroom teaching. RiVR Link kits are available for between 3 and 15 students. Up to 64 headsets can be added.

Your 360° Video

The RiVR Link system allows you to add your own 360° videos and images.

RiVR can provide an end-to-end solution for the 360 videos for your lessons. We can also provide professional video production services, including lesson planning on the content that you create. Read more here.’


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