The Classroom in a Box

The RiVR Link “Classroom in a Box” solution offers instructors an interactive and engaging teaching tool for classroom education using 360° video and images.


Multi User

Up to 35 synced headsets and tablets synced simultaneously



The ability to choose local or remote headset connection


Your Content

Use your own 360° video/photo content or use our professional video services


Turn Key Solution

Everything that you need to run your classroom is included

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Consistent 360 learning

RiVR Link provides an immersive, distraction free and cost effective learning approach, led by an instructor that can be combined with traditional classroom learning. Blended learning gives you the opportunity to encourage stimulating conversation amongst your students, whilst presenting them with exciting and engaging content. 

 Whether you’re oceans apart or sat at the same table, RiVR Link’s comprehensive learning solution can be used and enjoyed by all that possess a headset connected to your Link kit.

Engaged Learning

Using the laptop provided, instructors have the ability to monitor and interact with the session whilst engaging with their class via the live webcam. Students are also able to communicate with the instructor independently, ensuring a focused and inclusive session for all. Instructors can pause and rewind the video at any time providing opportunity for discussion, this can be further enriched by highlighting and annotating key learning points with our virtual marker, VR Chalk, seen in real time by the whole class.


Tutor can talk directly into student headsets

VR Chalk

Draw directly onto the videos in the headsets

Remote Mode

Remote Mode allows you to conduct a RiVR Link training session to users anywhere across the globe, all they need is a WiFi connection and a headset connected to your RiVR Link and they will see you in the RiVR Link Lecture Theatre ready for the live session.

Remote Mode gives the instructor the tools to provide instruction in real-time through VR, allowing for discussion, clarification, and pivoting from the original lesson plan to best meet the needs of the learner.

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Your Content • Your Training

Empowering trainers to immerse all of their students in a safe and distraction-free learning environment.

End users and trainers can easily create their own content with the 360 Shooting Kit which produces contextual learning material shot on your terms saving on production costs.

The RiVR Link system allows you to add your own 360° and traditional 2D videos and images.


RiVR’s Shooting Kit provides you with all the equipment you’ll need in order to film your own 360° content, creating a library of assets which you can load directly onto your RiVR link kit.


Each specially designed kit contains:


360° camera with protective case


Battery charger

4 x 64GB microSD and readers

Required cables

Camera accessories

360° Video Production

Using the latest in immersive video technology, cutting edge film making techniques and innovative visual effects, RiVR Link can transport your audience into an augmented, 360 world.

Our 360 video production team will carry out all aspects of a production end to end, from scripting, casting and scouting all the way through to full post production and amendable delivery to ensure we provide a production that covers all requirements.

To enable us to create a factually correct, effective and high quality product we will spend time collaborating with your team and industry professionals as well as provide opportunity for review and revisions.


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