RiVR Link In Action

RiVR Link features demo

The RiVR Link kit in action. A walk through of some of the Classroom in a box features.

1st and 3rd person perspective of our immersive VR training solution.

If you would like this mp4 file for use in your headsets please send us an email.

RiVR Link Showcase

RiVR and Pico Interactive have a strong relationship in the world of Virtual Reality. Using RiVR professionally shot content energized with Pico hardware, you have the best and most complete VR product on the market to educate, promote or entertain students, customers and audiences in the safest possible way.

RiVR Link Shooting kit

RiVR’s Shooting Kit provides you with all the equipment you’ll need in order to film your own 360° content, which you can load directly onto your RiVR link kit. Having this ability is advancing the content creation from in house training teams. Providing powerful contextual 360 self shot content is also saving a huge amount in outsourced video production costs.

RiVR Link at FDIC 2019

An explanation from our CTO on some of the workings and thought behind RiVR Link.


RiVR Link in property marketing

Estate agents all over the uk are using RiVR Link shooting kits to create their own 360 property tours for buyers to experience on the traditional platforms like youtube and facebook but the biggest change for them is the ability to show clients their properties on VR headsets in the agency office or out on home visits. With Covid19 we have seen a huge increase in the demand for this service. We teach the agents how to capture their own content then we do the edit for them and send back the final mp4.

No more death by PowerPoint

Promotional 2D video showing off some of the statistics and benefits of using RiVR Link in your organisation.

RiVR Link being used by LFRS

Here we see RiVR Link being used by LEICESTERSHIRE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE they have 15 new recruits all in the same classroom learning from an instructor about different aspects of fire training. All the content they are using has been shot by them on RiVR Link 360 shooting kits. 

Blue light services 360 demo

We have worked with multiple different blue light services over the past 5 years and here is a highlight of the different scenarios and experiences we’ve helped produce.

Royal School of Artillery using RiVR Link

The Royal school of artillery in the UK are now actively using RiVR link classroom kits and 360 shooting kits to make and produce contextual lessons for their training teams. The same content they film is being used for spreading consistent training to all the new recruits.

RiVR Link in Art Galleries & Museums

RiVR Link being used at Compton Verney Art Gallery & Museum in this experience the guests arriving can take part in a VR experience where they get to learn about the landscape and gardens of the estate from the point of view of an owl flying around the estate. Because of the power of RiVR Link everyone has this experience at the same time!

ITEC using RiVR Link at trade shows

RiVR is the official tech partner for ITEC and we are pleased to be able to offer the trade show industry such a great tool for their guests to have experiences in RiVR link that they would not always be able to experience. In this video we get a tour of the HNLMS Zeeland – in a 360 Naval Ship Tour

Darley using RiVR Link

WS Darley from Chicago is a provider of first responder pumps and equipment and recently they have been using RiVR 360 shooting kits to film its trade show stands to give people a 360 view of these real world spaces.

RiVR Link for all industries

RiVR link being used in multiple different industries from schools and education all the way through to entertainment and training. The synchronised playback of the software allows link to be very versatile and slots seamlessly into any organisation.

RiVR Link used by TUI Holidays

Tui commissioned RiVR to shoot 360 immersive content on 2 of its cruise ships and 2 aircraft and the output from these filming sessions was 4 films to use in holiday shop locations for families to experience the same videos and the same time using RiVR Link.